Organizing with Cubbies

When the boys were little, I would wake up on Sunday as they climbed in bed with us for little boy cuddles. We’d move on to a relaxing breakfast, and then – PANIC – the thought of the impending hectic work week would take me away from enjoying those precious moments with my husband and kids. Even if I was present, my mind was racing as I thought about all the looming week’s obligations at home and work.

Jim and I realized that we needed to do something different. Sunday could not be a day to cook, clean, and dread the end of the weekend. If we were to have a relaxing, refreshing Sunday, we needed to simplify our routine.

I’ll be sharing a variety of organization and preparation tips over the course of the next few weeks.

One routine I implemented very quickly and easily when the boys were babies was an organization system for the boys’ outfits for the week. On Saturday evening, I would lay out ten outfits – five for each boy. From when they were toddlers into elementary school it was pants, shirt, socks, and undies; cute little onesies and rompers when they were babies. These little bundles were stuffed into a seven-shelf, cloth hanging organization system hanging in their closet.

When the boys shared a room, they shared the cubbies. When they were too little to choose, I’d grab an outfit from the cubby the night before and lay it out on their dressers. As they got older, they would grab their own outfit and set it out. Gone was the struggle of picking out an outfit after a night of interrupted mommy sleep or trying to assemble their outfits, and mine, the night before.

Extra cubbies were used for extracurricular gear. Taekwan-do uniforms, little league uniforms, and soccer jerseys have all found their way into the cubbies – to be packed up or thrown on as needed. We were ready to roll.

Ten minutes of outfit assembly on Saturday helped with a more relaxing routine the rest of the weekend and into the week.

Having grown up with this system, my teenage boys now plan out their outfits the night before – which gives them more time to sleep in on school days. And teenage boys love their sleep!


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