Imperfect Photographs

Jim and I recently started taking pictures again.

Taking pictures was an important part of our early relationship. On our honeymoon, we drove from New York to the Grand Canyon. We took pictures constantly, documenting every stop along the way. Our old 35mm camera had seen better days, but it managed to produce wonderful images from that adventure.

Somewhere along the way, between diaper changing, shuttling kids to events, and work, we lost our photography hobby.

Recently, I’ve tried to make a daily habit of taking photos. I’ve been using my camera phone. My ancient camera phone. Verizon tells me I’m due for an upgrade, but I’m being stubborn – go figure. The good old camera phone serves its purpose. It is always with me, ready for action and I can easily post to Instagram, which I just joined.

I don’t have time to stage the perfect shot or aggressively process an image. Snapping a quick photo of something I find beautiful soothes my soul and sparks my creativity.

My pictures are imperfect, but so is life.  Life is imperfect and messy. And that’s what makes it beautiful.

If you want to follow my photography adventure, find me on Instagram at klmneer.





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