Listening to the Ice

This winter, we have spent a lot of weekends at our local state park.


The mild weather has made it easy to throw on some light layers and hit the trail.

Over the past month, we have observed changes on our hikes. The solid ice, which encased leaves and twigs in a static state, has transformed to mud with imprints of human, coyote, rabbit, and goose.


Do you see the face in the leaves in the ice?


Spring is making an appearance.

Last week, we bore witness to the awaking of the lake. The ice was booming, sifting, vibrating. It was like we were watching an ancient ritual, one that transcended our time and place on this earth.

Have you ever driven from Kansas into Colorado and the Rockies? Or stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon? It was like that. It was powerful – a moment that made you feel small, but present and awake.

Our youngest son sat on the ice, still and in the moment. He was fully present, grounded, and at ease in his own skin. He felt accepted. He was awestruck. Then, as the ice vibrated and he yelled, “I could feel that on my butt!” he was an engaged tween, all fun and potty humor.


As a mother, what more could I ask for my child?

These are the moments that nurture our souls.

Jim posted a video of the ice booming on his blog, Get Wholly Fit. He was like a kid in a candy shop. You should definitely check it out.

Have an adventurous weekend!


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