5 Fun Ways to Reuse an Old Cookie Sheet

I love to repurpose things around our home.  Giving an item a new role and keeping it out of the trash makes me feel both frugal and environmentally responsible. 

Cookie sheets are something you can easily give new life.

When our cookie sheets were no longer in their best shape, I used them to entertain the kids or for traveling.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve used with our boys.

Shaving Cream

Squirt some shaving cream on the cookie sheet and go to town!  Draw letters, shapes, squiggles, or make a whole picture.  Let your child’s creativity flow.  Make sure your young child knows this is not a food item.

shaving cream_edited
Shaving cream rocks!


Salt or rice

Sprinkle a layer of salt or rice onto the cookie sheet and let your child draw with their finger or a tool. Chopsticks and toothpicks work well to draw in salt.  Throw some plastic animals in the scene and let them tramp through the snow scape or add some matchbox cars.


Magnetic letters, shapes, or animals get the perfect backdrop on a cookie sheet.  Melissa and Doug offer a fantastic line of magnets for kids. What stories can your kids tell you about the scenes they create?

Finger painting

Tape finger paint paper to the inside of the cookie sheet. The lip of the cookie sheet will give your child a natural cue to keep the paint on the paper.  You can also tape regular paper in the cookie sheet and let the kids go to town with brushes and craft paint.


When the kids were little, we used to toss a couple cookie sheets in the car when we took long car trips.   The cookie sheet was a play mat, table, and a place for them to eat a snack.  Burlap and Denim has a bunch of cool ideas for traveling with your children and a cookie sheet, of course.

If you want to get super fancy, you could spray paint the cookie sheet a fun color before you offer it up as a play area.  I was never that ambitious and the kids didn’t care, but it is a fun idea.

IMG_5592 spray painting some magnetic cookie sheets


With my boys, I’ve always found the most meaning in simple, fun activities. 

I hope you can use some of these ideas with your kiddos!   I’d love to hear what fun things you can do with your kids and a cookie sheet.  Have fun creating! 



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