Spring Cleaning: A time for renewal

During the last week of March, I traveled from upstate New York to Florida, so I could be with my Dad during his open heart surgery. The triple bypass went well. He is now in a rehab hospital and is sounding stronger each day.  We were thrilled with the quality care he received and with the positive outcome of the surgery.

Although it was a horrible reason to visit Florida, the trip gave me an opportunity to spend time with my Dad, Aunt and Uncle, and my Grandparents.

What a blessing to spend time with my Grandfather.

Moments such as these always lead to reflection.  We think about family, our lives, mortality, and what is truly important.  As I grow older, I become more aware of my personal priorities.  Maintaining positive relationships, sharing quality time with my family, and building a strong sense of self gives my life meaning.

When I returned home from my trip, I felt drained and a little overwhelmed.  The house, although clean, felt cluttered and heavy.  I realized I was feeling a massive pull to clean the house.  I’m talking a real deal, deep cleaning purge.  Maybe it was the flip of the calendar that made me want to clean.  It’s April, so it is spring cleaning time, but I think there was a deeper message – a desire to continue to simplify, refresh, and to clear space for what is really important in my life.  A full spring cleaning will allow me to align the environment of our home with my personal goal of having time for family, friends, and myself.

So, I went on a quest for a list. Makes sense, right?  I love a good list to keep me organized.  Checking an item off the list gives me such satisfaction, I have to admit.

After some searching – success!  Cynthia Caldwell of YetAnotherMomBlog.com had the mother lode of spring cleaning lists.  This is the most comprehensive list I’ve yet to find.  I’m looking forward to handing each kid a list for their room (insert evil mom laugh) and letting them run with it.

With our fresh, clean, organized home, we will be ready to embark on our spring and summer adventures, make memories, and enjoy our time together.

Wishing you a glorious spring season! 


photo (007)
My Aunt, who is an absolute gem, made sure I had a few minutes of high quality self-care while I was in Florida.

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