Seasonal Play Dough

When the boys were little, we spent a lot of time playing with play dough.  They would play for hours, creating all sorts of intricate play schemes.  I loved to see the creative thinking that went into their play. The bonus was the language development, problem solving, and fine motor development embedded in this childhood activity.

With the arrival of fall, I started looking for activities to do with the kids at school during our speech-language therapy sessions.  Play dough came to mind.  In  my search, I stumbled on the best play dough recipe at The Imagination Tree.  Quick and easy to assemble, this play dough is perfect to make with the kids.

Staying true to the season, I added yellow and red food coloring, which made a beautiful orange color, and pumpkin pie spice for a fall scent.  Apple and cinnamon are next on the list to whip up.  So many possibilities!

Enjoy this recipe, it’s fantastic!

P.S.  – As I’m writing this short blog post, my 13 year old son and my husband are playing with the pumpkin pie spice play dough.  It’s addictive!




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