Chunky Crayons

When the boys were in elementary school, their yearly supply list would always include four boxes of crayons.

Four boxes.

Every. Year.

That left us with a crazy amount of crayons at the end of each school year.  Throwing them out always seemed so wasteful.

Chunky crayons became the answer to my problem.  It’s a fun way to repurpose old crayons to be the perfect gift for little kiddos that need a bigger crayon to grasp.

All you need are crayons, an old muffin tin, paper muffin liners, and your imagination.

Step One: Peel those pesky papers.

Crayon papers, particularly if the crayons are older, like to stick.  To make the peeling process simpler, I filled a glass dish with hot water and let the crayons soak for about 5 minutes.


Step Two:  Admire your newly peeled crayons.


Step Three:  Set your oven  and prepare the crayons.

Set your oven to 200 degrees and fill your paper lined muffin cups. I recommend an old muffin tin in case the liners leak. Break each crayon into thirds.  Use different colors to make fun  combinations.


Step Four:  Melt the old crayons.

Put your crayons in the oven and let them melt for about ten minutes.  The crayons should have all become liquid.  The time will vary depending on the fullness of the cups.

Step Five:  Let the new crayons harden.

Let the crayons firm for about five to ten minutes, while in the muffin pan.  They should be set before you pull the muffin liner out of the tin.

Step Six:  Remove the paper liner.

Remove the paper liner from the crayons once they are set and cool enough to handle.  I was able to remove the liner after the five to ten minutes noted in step five.

Step Seven:  Let the crayons fully cool on a wire rack. IMG_0827

Step Eight:  Share with family and friends!

Happy creating!






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